Hello there it's me the owner of this neglected blog! First of all HAPPY EASTER! Sorry there haven't been many updates recently regarding my work, we (Oli and I) are currently days from completion on the sale for our first home which is pretty exciting! The house is an absolute dream and recently it's been very difficult to think of anything else other than wallpaper swatches, paint colours and vintage furniture on eBay. As well at the house which has pretty much taken over my thoughts at the moment, I have also put a deposit on a new born pug puppy which I've called Teddy. I am counting down the days until I can pick him up and the beginning of May. He's utterly lovely and yet another excuse to be distracted.
But there will be some updates coming on what I have been up to creatively soon. In the meantime here are a couple of pictures of what I have been up to.

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Daisy and Me

Teddy (Just over 1 week old)

Make It In Design

I have recently done an interview with the Make it in Design Blog answering questions about how I have progressed in my career and what inspires me.

The full interview is available here but here is a little sneak peek ...

Surtex 2015

I can now say I am at SURTEX! Which is super exciting! I have created a whole suite full of new designs including lots of lovely tropical prints, english garden florals, and some sweet conversational and geometric prints. I am at Booth 222 represented by Cultivate Art Agency. If you are looking for exciting watercolour designs or just fancy having a look around don't miss the opportunity to go down and take a look.

For more information get in touch via either Cultivate Art Agency Direct at Surtex or alternatively contact me direct at sophiebrabbins@gmail.com

Surtex Booth 222

Sample of my new prints for Surtex 2015

Urban Outfitters Collaboration

I just wanted to share with you an exciting commission I worked on that has recently come out. I worked with Urban Outfitters on a range of Artists' pillowcases for their US Apartment section. 
They are now available on the website here, which I am super excited about sharing with you.
Do let me know what you think in the comments box below!

5 Things I've learnt in 2015

Although its only February and we have barely started 2015 I feel like this year has taught me a few things already. When you're establishing a business I think it's easy to feel bogged down by the enormity of the whole task and these are a few things I have learnt already that have stopped me going completely crazy in the studio by myself.

1.  Take time to get inspired.
I think it's easy to think that because you are in your studio, you need to be chained to the desk as if it were a 9-5 job but personally this drove me crazy. It's important to go out and see things to keep your inspiration flowing. Planning to odd day trip to see a great exhibition, some lovely design or even somewhere beautiful can be all it takes to keep you inspired and happy in the studio.

2. Don't compromise on quality.
I have found especially in the last few months whilst developing some products for my range things can be rather slow and frustrating whilst in the sampling stage but this is also something else that can't be rushed. It really is worth sticking to your standards in order to get the quality and finish you envisioned.

3. Stay organized.
I have always been fairly organised anyway but never have I valued the list pad so much in my life. I am a huge fan of lists but I think they too can get somewhat out of hand once you have about 30 on the go. But for me they certainly keep me focused on what I still have to do plus it's pretty satisfying ticking things off.

4. Keep focused.
I actually heard a great quote on Instagram relating to this "Don't trade what you want most for what you want right now". I found this particularly inspiring because I think it's easy to lose sight of the end goal when things get frustrating and if you're like me you want to see results faster. The truth is that everything does take time and it is actually worth taking that time in order to get the best results. 

5. Set realistic goals.
I think it's important to have something to work towards to keep you focused but equally there's no point setting an unreachable goal or a tight time frame with no leeway for mistakes or problems. Setting yourself targets such as where you want to be in a year can help because you actually have enough time to make those goals a reality and not drive yourself into an early grave.

I hope this has been helpful! I would love to hear how you all keep up your motivation in 2015? Please leave a comment below.

The Pattern Book - Monsa Publications

I am super happy to announce that my work has been featured in The Pattern Book by Monsa Publications. It's not only great to have been asked but it is also a lovely book. It's packed full of beautiful surface pattern designs and lots of talented designers. I would definitely recommend giving it a read (I'm not biased honest hehe!)

Printsource New York 2015

I am super excited to announce my work is being exhibited at Printsource New York 2015 at Stand A17! If you are in the big apple do check it out. I am being represented by the lovely Cultivate Art Agency. Lots of lovely prints available from my current collection as well as new work exclusively for Printsource.

Stand A17 at Printsource New York

Roundup of 2014

2014 has been such an exciting year for me. Along with finishing my degree and exhibiting at the prestigious New Designers exhibition in London I also worked with a number of big companies and started my own business.

New Designers was a fantastic opportunity to get my work out into the industry and also receive some feedback. I made some fantastic contacts following this and have worked on several commissions as a result. I also secured experience with Next Children's wear and home ware, and Hallmark cards which was a great window into designing for a large business. I have since got a job working in luxury Interior accessory and passementerie design, which I love. I have also started my own business. I always knew starting my own business was going to be a big challenge but so far in only the few months I have been working at it - I have found it extremely rewarding. I continue to collaborate with several UK and International companies on surface design projects as well as developing my own product range including home and kitchen textiles, greetings cards and stationery - which I am hopeful will be launched Spring Summer 2015 with a bit of luck.

I am looking forward to being able to share with you some of the projects I have been working on as they are released this year. I am happy to announce my gift wrap designs for Deva Designs will be available Spring Summer 2015. I am very proud of them!


I have been trying my hand at Typography recently and designed this floral Alphabet. I love beautiful type and I have been trying to improve my skills.

Bijou Botanicals Collection

Inspired by botanical illustrations and English meadow florals, this collection has a delicate feminine feel and a playful use of colour and composition.

Meadow Floral

Pegged Floral

Lily Swirl 

Blue Ditsy

Blue Botanicals


Cherry Chart


Daisy Chain

Each Peach

Green Garden

Fruit Salad

Orange Blossom



Bleeding Heart

Goats Beard

Tiny Taped Florals

Scattered Seeds


New Designers 2014

I have had a really exciting week last week, exhibiting my graduate collection 'Bijou Botanicals'. It was great meeting a mixture of industry, press and public and getting some really positive feedback on my work, which was invaluable to me as a young designer. Not only was it an exciting week for me as an individual it was also a fantastic week for my university Leeds College of Art, who collected two awards including the Wilkinson's design innovation award and also the prestigious New Designer of the Year award! In case you didn't get the opportunity to attend I have attached a few pictures of my time there.

My stand at New Designers.

Marks and Spencer Spring Summer 2014

I recently saw two of the prints I did when working on the Marks and Spencer Spring Summer 2014 collection seen in store. Really exciting to see my work used in the collection!

New Designers 2014

I am heading off to New Designers this week to exhibit my collection at Leeds College of Art stand T14. Really exciting! I will be showing my collection 'Bijou Botanicals', inspired by English wildflowers and botanical illustrations. The show is on from the 25th - 28th of June at the Business Design Centre, definitely worth a look!

Bijou Botanicals Graduate Collection

This collection was inspired by classical Eighteenth century botanical illustrations of fruits and flowers and English wildflowers and garden blooms. The collection is painted in watercolour and digitally composed to create feminine and colourful compositions that retain their hand painted quality.
These are a few images of them in situ as wallpapers.